As a sample of feedback about our programs, here is what some parents had to say about the effects of an Agency program to increase youth self-confidence and social skills. The program was called Building on Strengths and Skills (BOSS):

"Since my son’s involvement in the BOSS Project his relationship with peers has changed. He now has the confidence to make friends, inside and outside of the BOSS Project. He goes swimming with friends Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and talks on the phone at least three times per week. His friends care about him."
"Prior to his involvement in the BOSS Project my son never wanted to go anywhere. Now he will phone me to ask if he can stay after school to watch sports at school."
"In the past, my son had shown a lot of attitude and would get mad if I expected him to help out at home. I have noticed a real change in that he now cleans up without being asked and the attitude is gone. He is getting along better with his brothers, he complains less and is talking to me (mom) more."
"In the past my son was a sad, frustrated and unhappy boy. Today I can see that he has pride, worries less, is happier and is easier to get along with. As a result the whole house is calmer."
"The changes have been amazing. He now has the confidence to interact with others. He even made a speech at the family Christmas dinner. It brought tears to my eyes to see him have the confidence to talk in front of a lot of people he has never met before."
"Compared to the past his self-esteem is through the roof. You can tell that he sees himself as more mature."