Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

of Mentoring in the Edmonton and Area community


Becoming a Volunteer

These basic activities are involved in becoming and serving as a volunteer with our Agency:

  1. Express your interest

    Contact us about your interest in becoming a volunteer. You can do that either by completing the Expression of Interest on our website or by phoning our Agency (780-452-5791) and talking to our staff about your interest.

  2. Complete an application form

    After an initial introductory phone call to talk about your interest and our application process, we will forward an application form to you. After forwarding the application, an interview will be arranged.

  3. Participate in interview

    The interview is an opportunity to talk to the Agency worker about your skills, interests, and availability. It helps determine the most appropriate way for you to get involved.

  4. Reference and background checks

    As part of the screening process, our Agency follows up with references that you provide.

  5. Police Records Check and Child Welfare Check

    A standard part of our screening process is conducting a Police Records Check (PRC) and Child Welfare Check (CWC) on all volunteer applicants.

  6. Conduct orientation and training sessions

    After these screening steps have been conducted, all volunteers take part in an important orientation and training session. This allows our Agency to inform volunteers about their role, responsibilities and opportunities, and to explain the related Agency policies and procedures.

  7. Support and evaluate

    All programs and Agency activities are organized and monitored by one or more staff. All volunteers get feedback and support from staff. Volunteer roles have a position description and feedback is based on that description.

  8. Follow up with program participants

    Staff are in regular contact with participants and family members, which is also a way of connecting with volunteers.

Adapted from Volunteer Canada. Retrieved April 8, 2003, from http://www.volunteer.ca/volcan/eng/content/screening/safe-steps.php?display=3,2,3 –LR